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Nowadays, the fashion industry is considered to be one of the most demanding, competitive, and selective, and I think that is exactly what makes it so life changing to millions of people around the world. It is a sphere, where everything happens unpredictably, sometimes mind-blowingly, and always has certain consequences. Nowadays there are many requirements for the representative of this industry, considering the fact that more and more people are trying to make it in fashion. The key aspects of any job include friendliness, effective communication, open-mindedness, and cultural appreciation. As a representative of the modern fashion industry, I feel the need to address and try to resolve a variety of stereotypes that are circling around it.

In order to get a better understanding of the process and how the industry works and progresses, I conducted a short interview with the model scout and developer from Select Model Management Chicago, Jessie Sardina. As soon as we began talking, I received this massive vibe of creativity and a passion for the development of young enthusiastic girls and I immediately began asking questions. Jessie talked about what she believes is the right way to transform a girl into a supermodel. We usually think that models are just beautiful girls, with long and skinny legs, but as it turned out, it is not the case in 2021 at all. The majority of model scouts are looking for infectious energy, and sparks of interest and passion in the eyes. While no one denies that physical characteristics have quite an impact on the modeling career, the model`s background and life story play a way important role in the future. The financial aspect of modelling is also a very interesting question. If you are non-stop, travelling to places like China, Barcelona, Japan or Singapore- I am sure that with dedication you can make a good amount that will cover all of your living expenses. In addition, you need to take into account that the modeling industry is slowly dying since there is a huge increase in the number of models but at the same time a tremendous decrease in the demand for them. Many designers refuse to participate in fashion weeks and with the development of modern technology, everything is done digitally.

While hundreds of people are contributing to the wall of fashion, Jessie thinks that the most important individuals - are the ones who highlight sustainability and eco-friendly culture. It does not matter whether it is a well-known designer, photographer, or a brand, but if they are acknowledging the importance of change and mindful consumption of natural resources-they can be considered prominent representatives of the fashion environment.

kamila fomin fashion talk1


0 #5 Lemeh_Natali 11.03.2021, 21:49
Щирі вітання стосовно блискучого дебюту!!!
0 #4 markrk21 11.03.2021, 16:29
Вітаю з дебютом на Планеті творчості! Гарно і пізнавально написано!
+1 #3 MariaVoytik 11.03.2021, 14:39
Це дуже класно!
+2 #2 Мельничук 11.03.2021, 00:00
Справді,Каміла потрудилася і опрацювала тему жіночої моди, тенденцій тощо. Зацікавила нас розповіддю і поділилася новинками. А також є можливість дійсно впрактиковувати сь у англійській мові. Чекаємо на цікаві розповіді від Каміли, як спецкора з Чикаго. Хай щастить Тобі наша маліжанка!
+3 #1 rektor-malig 10.03.2021, 19:32
Перша інформація нашого спеціального кореспондента із Чикаго Каміли Фомін добра нагода вчитися англійської мови.

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