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Vasyl Tarchynets

“If you think creative work does not require much effort, you are wrong.”

Vasyl Tarchynetsis a writer, a winner of the Alexander Fadeyev International Literary Prize and the All-Ukrainian Literary Prize “The Branch of the Golden Chestnut”. He is the author of many books, including Guards of Independence (1977), The Peace Mission (1977), The Kashytskyi Stubble (2003), A Village at the Foot of Kychera (2003), and Capi (2003).

Vasyl Tarchynets is an Honoured Journalist of Ukraine, Editor-in-Chief of the chronicle magazine Accent, Chairman of the Board as well as Rector of the NGO International Academy of Literature and Journalism, Editor-in-Chief of the literary and art newspaper magazine for pupils Suzirya Fest, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the UNESCO International Centre, as well as the founder of the Children’s Museum of Literature and Journalism and the International Festival “Rekity Constellation” (REKITY SUZIRYA) of young poets, prose writers, playwrights, journalists, picture artists, photographers, ethnographers, craftspersons, filmmakers, songwriters, and stage performers.


  • If you think that creative work does not require much effort, you are mistaken. However, if you can throw the most ingenious writing of yours to trash and start writing a new text, then your creative literary work will bring you not only pleasure but success. It is also worth thinking about a wagon to tackle and pull for a lifetime.
  • Never hurry to become a genius. Let readers express their appreciation.
  • Do not write of what you do not know, for others do not have to believe in nonsense.
  • Listen to everything that an interlocutor wants to say. Whatever the circumstance, do not interrupt.
  • Any thought, whether good or bad, comes only once and is never repeated.
  • Keep a diary.
  • Read dictionaries and write out unfamiliar words.
  • Listen to the radio and watch television programmes, paying particular attention to the diction of journalists and narrators as well as the appropriateness of using certain words.
  • Try to write your text about any newly-heard event.
  • Never repeat other people’s ideas. This is a direct path to plagiarism.
  • It is good practice to use a voice recorder to record all sorts of interesting things that may be needed for your future character sketches or short stories.
    Here is what I remember. Once I visited a city in which there was a large military garrison. Going through the narrow streets of the splendid metropolis, I came to a shop and saw a rather amusing announcement on its door: “No instalment payment is allowed to Gypsies and officers!” Oh, really? Seeing no difference between officers and Gypsies? In a while, I wrote a humoresque “Gypsies and officers are equated.” But why are they? Actually, because they all are constantly migrating, and there is no one to pay for them by instalment. Over time, my humoresque was voiced by a well-known performer. Once on a tram by which I was going, people talked that they had heard of something quite unthinkable.
  • Always try to comment and report, at least on a soccer or volleyball match, an evening party or an entertaining school event...
  • Be creative every day. If nothing comes out at once, it is better to put the work aside and continue when there is inspiration. Your words must be emotional, expressive, and convincing.
Your faithfully,
Vasyl Tarchynets


+1 #8 Tanysha10568911 2022-02-15 12:38
Дякую !! Прекрасні слова , надихнули !
+1 #7 Радіо-Сергій 2020-07-21 22:19
Чіткі постулати для теперішніх і майбутніх поколінь! Бо саме на тому базується творчість у всіх її виявах!!! Головне, аби змалку "крила" у тих, кого плекаємо, не виросли, бо падати бути боляче...
+3 #6 institut5 2020-06-20 21:52
Всім бажаємо натхнення! ❤️❤️❤️
+4 #5 petryk 2020-05-22 14:18
Хороші поради!!! Головне їх реалізувати в житті!!!
+3 #4 Дженіта 2020-05-02 13:34
Василю Федоровичу, геніальні поради! Вони цілком слушні не лише для дітей, а й для дорослих творчих особистостей! Дякую Вам за Вашу широку й світлу душу!!!
+4 #3 markrk21 2020-01-28 18:34
Цілком слушні поради! Головне - не знехтувати, а скористатися ними!
Ангеліна Оборіна
+7 #2 Ангеліна Оборіна 2020-01-28 00:25
Як би було добре, коли б діти частіше зверталися до нас за порадами і допомогою. Отак прямо просіть нас. Це ж ми вам повинні допомагати і виправляти ваші помилки. Не критикувати, чуєте мене? А допомагати. Це відноситься як до коментарів, так і до дітей.
Сміливо, дітки!
Ангеліна Оборіна
+6 #1 Ангеліна Оборіна 2020-01-24 01:13
Василь Федорович! Як чудово, що Ви даєте поради дітям. А я сама заслухалася про циган і офіцерів. Це ж правда. Бо і я кочувала, служила і працювала по всьому світі.

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