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History of «THE COUNTRY OF TALENTS» journal

The first issue of the literary and artistic journal-newspaper for schoolchildren «CONSTELLATION» was published on June 10, 2003. It is issued monthly by a small group of enthusiasts under the direction of the Honored Journalist of Ukraine, the writer Vasyl Tarchynets. There are correspondent offices in the MALiJ branches. The journal-newspaper is distributed among schoolchildren and teachers by public disseminators. By publishing their works on the pages of the literary and artistic publication, the young writers of Ukraine and abroad have an excellent opportunity for mutual communication and participation in all activities conducted under the MALiJ plan. Many young writers and journalists received recommendations from our editorial office to enter the faculties of journalism at Ukrainian and foreign universities.

On March 15, 2017, our publication became all-Ukrainian, changed its name, printed materials in mixed languages: Ukrainian, English, Azerbaijani, French, German, Polish, Russian, etc.

May 13, 2020 According to our submission, the Ministry of Justice has registered the literary and art journal «The Country of Talents», which has the status of a national publication, is printed in mixed languages and is published once a quarter. The journal has an expanded network of cadets in Ukraine and around the world.

Presenting «THE COUNTRY OF TALENTS» journal electronically, in electronic form, we hope that you will become not only its active readers, but also authors.

This was discussed at the expanded editorial board.

Our journal is read in the most remote corners of Ukraine. Thanks to the constant public courier Igor Dakh, schoolchildren from Donetsk and Luhansk regions receive many copies, in particular school and children's libraries.

Igor DAKH every time delivers our magazine to the East of Ukraine.

The greatest joy of children is to get their favorite magazine.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine Vasyl Tarchinets and his deputies Olga Tsaritsanska and Igor Dakh in an upright mood - published the first issue of the magazine for young talents.

Registration of young writers and artists before the festival tour-competition «Letters of the Lion».

The most active ones have a chance to get a junior certificate, which has recently been approved by the editorial board of our publication.

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So shake a pen, young writers and journalists!

You have a great opportunity to browse, download editions of our newspaper, which are located on the page «All issues of «The Country of Talents» by years and months.

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