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Volodymyr Fedynyshynets

Member of the jury of the first International Festival of Young Poets and Prose writers "Rekitske Constellation", member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine.

The Kovalykove Pole reappeared in national bloom. And, God forbid, this color never fades away. It is good that the Festival becomes annual. Happiness to its organizers and participants, all topowed health with all the pristine opportunities.


Volodymyr Kovalyk

Honorary President of the International Festival "Rekitske Constellation", Honorary Academician of MALiZh, Hero of the Cossacks of Ukraine, Member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine.

I reminded me when I first came to the Recita - the home of MALiZh. Here, near the church of the XVI century, I was met with bread and salt on the bridge of the glorious rekitchens. Subsequently, this bridge was named "Reckity-Chicago" (now it is the Creative Union Bridge "Ukraine is one! The West and the East - together"). In the small rural Rekitska Primary School, the certificate of the Honorary Professor MALiZh was given to me, which at that time there were only 6 members of the MALiZh. It was in 2002. Our rector Vasyl Tarchynets had already dreamed of holding a festival of young poets and writers "Rekitske Constellation". And next year, on the eve of the great Christian holiday, on July 9-10, the first festival for the assistance and assistance of the military from the Vynohradiv military unit took place on a wide and picturesque lawn, behind the village of Rekity. There were a lot of obstacles, in particular, the then head of the rayon state administration in the beginning of the festival`s preparation promised to help in this, and then directly sabotaged the children`s artistic event, they say, we will be engaged in election campaigning. Our rector Vasyl Tarchynets did a lot of effort in order to reach understanding and support. He succeeded. The day before the event was erected a scene and prepared an open amphitheater.

The first festival in the Rekity gathered more than two thousand admirers of artistic words, not only from Mizhgirshchina, but also the neighboring districts. On the stage, the author`s works were published in only two nominations - "Poetry" and "Prose". The children of the festival, and they were more than a hundred, gave the proper name to the village of Rekity - a poetic village. But could I think that this field for the next year will be named in my honor - "Kovalikove Pole", and I will receive the highest title - Honorary President of the "Rekitske Constellation" festival. And the fact that I will become the Hero of the Cossacks of Ukraine, I could not even dream of dreaming. But this was due to Vasyl Tarchynets considerable efforts to raise the credibility of our public, creative "Little Academy of Literature and Journalism".

It is very pleasant that MALiZh has a great success-spreads its activities in the regions of Transcarpathia, other cities and even countries. There is a branch in Paris. How can I not rejoice in it?! But at the same time I`m upset that there are very few who want to help gifted children. There are no funds for publishing a magazine-newspaper for schoolchildren "SUZIRIYA", creating its Ukrainian Internet portal. Surprisingly, rich people do not invest in supporting children`s initiatives, which would be staggered to patrons.

Thank you to all my little colleagues for the sacrificial public activities on the creative field of MALiZh, in particular, Vasil Tarchynets, Angelina Oborina, Irina Garmasiy, Vasily Kuzan, Olga Ursta, Ivan Isayevich, Mariana Salay-Pak, Magdalena Fentsik, Vasily Derich, Olga Tsaritsanska, Vasily Marinets, Olga Kelbas, Tetyana Balagura, Oleksandra Pristavska, Yaroslav Osmilovsky, Lydia Shevelo, Nina Ostreyko, Lyudmila Raichuk, Maria Voytik, Raisa Tarcinets, Alexandra Tanaskova, Lyuba Bodnarchuk, nun Nazareth, Vasyl Popovych, Andriy Durunda, Bogdan Turchin and many other good people who help the little people of Ukraine and abroad go the difficult path of creative life.