Welcome to the holiday of creativity!

Just one touch, and you are at a wonderful event of Literature and Art, the International Young Talent Festival that yearly takes place in the picturesque land of Transcarpathia, in the town of Mizhhirya. Here is where MALiJ members from almost all of Ukraine and abroad get together. The participants compete in 11 nominations: Poetry, Prose, Journalism, Graphic Media (Artists of the Brush and Pencil), Artistic Photography, Guitar Poetry, Literature and Artistic Composition, ethnography and folk craft, motion pictures and animated cartoons, choreography, IT Technologies and Robotics.

On this page, you will be able to see the criteria for evaluation of the contestants in the Festival nominations, as well as to find out who won the contests. You will find out terms and conditions for participation in our Festival and leave your feedback in the book of participants and guests, as well as your proposals and suggestions or you may become an author of an interesting information, media coverage or news report. All these we will be able to post on MAliJ web portal.

You are welcome to a wonderful creative journey and to a wide lawn of «Rekitske Constellation» International Young Talent Festival!


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«Rekitske Constellation - 2022»

Before the International Festival
«Rekitske Constellation – 2023»

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Regulation of the Festival
The Regulation of the «Rekitske Constellation – 2022» International Distance Festival of young poets and writers, journalists, artists of the brush, pencil and photography, cinema and video, electronic mass media, children's and youth radio, guitar poetry, choreography, theatrics and performing arts, ethnography and folk craft, IT technologies and robotics.