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Vasyl Tarchynets

“If you think creative work does not require much effort, you are wrong.”

Vasyl Tarchynetsis a writer, a winner of the Alexander Fadeyev International Literary Prize and the All-Ukrainian Literary Prize “The Branch of the Golden Chestnut”. He is the author of many books, including Guards of Independence (1977), The Peace Mission (1977), The Kashytskyi Stubble (2003), A Village at the Foot of Kychera (2003), and Capi (2003).

Vasyl Tarchynets is an Honoured Journalist of Ukraine, Editor-in-Chief of the chronicle magazine Accent, Chairman of the Board as well as Rector of the NGO International Academy of Literature and Journalism, Editor-in-Chief of the literary and art newspaper magazine for pupils Suzirya Fest, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the UNESCO International Centre, as well as the founder of the Children’s Museum of Literature and Journalism and the International Festival “Rekity Constellation” (REKITY SUZIRYA) of young poets, prose writers, playwrights, journalists, picture artists, photographers, ethnographers, craftspersons, filmmakers, songwriters, and stage performers.