muchailo kot

Mykhailo KOT: the Head of International Center for UNESCO Programs Promoting


On our information resource, you may learn about the activities of International Center for UNESCO Programs Promoting. Here you may find information about its management, main areas of work, projects and programs, latest news and comments, as well as interesting initiatives and new projects of Center's partners.

The International Center for UNESCO Programs Promoting is free in its choice of areas of activity and acts on the basis of voluntariness, self-governance, transparency, openness and publicness.

We are in a constant search for new initiatives and projects, which we are ready to support and to implement together with you.

Our main objective and activities are to assist UNESCO in strengthening peace and security, multi-faceted support for cultural and educational programs, non-governmental organizations, printed and electronic media, spiritual and intangible heritage, environment, architectural objects, ethnography, pictorial art, folk craft, literature, beaux arts, science, cinematography, author's inventions for support of respect and equity, lawfulness and human rights and freedoms proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations and protection of common interests of the members of International Center for UNESCO Programs Promoting.

Key priorities:

  • study of democratic tendencies in developed countries of the world, business etiquette, fundamentals of international relations; establishing and developing international relations and expanding contacts;
  • participation in research of global and international environmental disasters, environmental pollution; search for the ways to improve environmental situation at all levels, including the international level;
  • contributing to raising children and youth in the spirit of peace and democracy, supporting implementation of national youth policy, offering support to youth organizations, associations and societies to maintain peace.

We are positive that close collaboration with various international institutions, both governmental and non-governmental, is a key to our success.



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Вітаємо Михайла Петровича Кот!

27 April 2021

Голові Міжнародного Центру впровадження програм ЮНЕСКО

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To the Rector of the International Academy ofliterature and journalism

05 April 2021

To the Rector of the International Academy ofliterature and journalism

Tarchynets V.


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18 March 2021

Пишу цю статтю з молитвою і Богом перед собою. Не можу не написати і описати те, що довелося...