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The inter-school web portal of Literature and Arts, «International Academy of Literature and Journalism», is a creative treasure chest for children of school age, including young writers and journalists, artists of the brush, pencil and photography, guitar poetry, theatrics and performing arts, choreography, IT-technology and robotics, ethnography and folk craft.

The main objective: to provide the users of the web portal with an opportunity to unleash their talents and to chat with their peers and with renowned writers, journalists, artists and composers.

The most successful literary debuts, artwork and artistic photography will be published on our web portal, in the Literature and Art Journal «THE COUNTRY OF TALENTS» and in the books of the «Collection of International Academy of Literature and Journalism».

We hope that owing to virtual creative discourse, both children and adults will not only be able to see their creative achievements, but also spend their leisure time in an interesting and rewarding manner, to travel the trails of beauty into the uncharted lands of poetry, prose, journalism, paintings and drawings, art photography and guitar poetry. Many an interesting discovery will be made by researchers of ethnography and folk traditions and by developers of modern IT technologies, including robots. In addition to that, the visitors of our web portal and members of MALiJ may become winners of Literature and Art tournaments and claim their right to be participants of «Rekitske Constellation» International Young Talent Festival.

We hope our project finds many followers, especially among those who clearly understand that the future of Ukraine, as well as that of any individual country depends on individuals.

International Academy of Literature and Journalism:

  • creates an environment conducive to communication and networking between its members;
  • grants NGO membership to willing persons and issues them with a membership card, a membership pin and a name badge of a standard pattern;
  • published works of its members in its periodicals and as individual author and multi-authored books;
  • provides the winners of Literature and Arts tournaments with a possibility to participated in the International Festival and in other contests, literature research expeditions and other events;
  • provides reasonable assistance with arranging creative internships/traineeships at Ukrainian and international electronic and printed mass media;
  • distinguishes the best works by MALiJ members by highly appreciative awards, such as: «Golden Quill» and «Silver Quill» MALiJ Laureate.

Respectfully yours,
Senior Administrator and Editor-in Chief of MALiJ web portal,
writer, Meritorious Journalist of Ukraine,
Vasyl Tarchynets

99 Kulparkivska Str., Lviv 79021, Ukraine

Web: www.academy-malig.info
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Rector of the International Academy of Literature and Journalism,
Deputy Chairman of the Board of the International Center for UNESCO,
Administrator and Editor-in Chief of MALiJ web portal,
journal «THE COUNTRY OF TALENTS», founder and general director
International festival «Rekitske Constellation»
writer, Meritorious Journalist of Ukraine

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