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How can I be admitted to MALiJ? How to establish a literary and/or artistic unit of MALiJ in a school or in any other educational institution and to start networking young talents? Please read the information below.

If you are writing poetry or prose, if you are drawing, painting or if you are interested in journalism, art photography, ethnography and folk crafts, theatrical art, guitar poetry, dancing and choreography, motion pictures and video, IT technologies, etc., join the network of MALiJ members!

Many young talents are interested in networking with other young journalists and writers, photographers and artists by becoming members of MALiJ. In response to a question «How to establish a literary and/or artistic unit of MALiJ in a school or in any other educational institution and to start networking young talents», the Press Service of MALiJ declares and clarifies the following:

  • According to the Charter of the International Academy of Literature and Journalism (MALiJ), a literary and artistic unit of MALiJ can be established with a minimum of three members of the Academy.
  • A foundation meeting must be held.
  • At the meeting, it is necessary to elect the unit's director, deputy directors (if applicable), and the correspondent office for the «CONSTELLATION FEST» journal and the web portal of MALiJ.
  • The structural unit of MALiJ will then admit talented children, e.g. young poets, prose writers, photographers, journalists, artists, film makers, young scientists, sports commentators, reporters, etc.
  • A list of members should be made.
  • Standard membership application forms should be filled out and submitted (see the Form below).
  • Standard registration cards should be filled out and submitted (see the Form below).
  • To each application package, please attach two standard 3 ✕ 4 cm photos taken against white background; on the reverse of each photograph, please legibly print full name of the Applicant.
  • Please submit information about written and published works (see the Form below).
  • ​Creating an account at MALiJ web-site, posting comments on the literature and visual works by other young authors, as well as publishing a few works in the «Library» of the MALiJ web-site or few news in your blog and adding a copy of your MALiJ web profile to these documents. This is important! (Note: authors over the age of 17 publish their works only in a personal blog).

Persons joining MALiJ will pay an entrance fee of 60 UAH (for school students). Of that amount, 10 UAH remains at the local branch/unit of MALiJ. The entrance fee for adults (over 18 years of age) is 80 UAH, of which 10 UAH remains at the local branch/unit of MALiJ. The person joining MALiJ will also pay a 40 UAH printing fee for their membership card, press card and membership pin.

The members of MALiJ will pay their annual fees: school students will pay 60 UAH, of which 10 UAH remains at the local branch/unit of MALiJ and adults (over 18 years of age) will pay 80 UAH, of which 10 UAH remains at the local branch/unit of MALiJ.

Note: the new and recent members of MALiJ will pay their yearly fees only the next year after they have joined MALiJ.

The fees of Ukrainian residents should be transferred to the current account of MALiJ, acc. No. 903253650000026003011099965, identification code 26396685, recipient bank code 325365, PJSC “KredoBank”, bank address: 17 Zelena Str., Lviv, Ukraine (payment details: membership fees).

Prospective and current members of MALiJ from countries other than Ukraine will pay their entrance fees and yearly membership fees in foreign currency to the banking details below:

in US Dollars:
Bank of New York Mellon, Now York, USA
UA 903253650000026003011099965

in Euro (EUR):
KBC BANK NV, Brussels, Belgium
UNICREDIT S.P.A., Milano, Italy
Raiffesen Bank International AG, Vienna, Austria
UA 903253650000026003011099965

in Polish Zloty (PLN):
Powszecyna kasa oszczednosci Bank Polski SA
Warszawa, Poland
UA 903253650000026003011099965

If using the bank is not an option, the fees may be sent via a postal money order at the following address: NGO MALiJ, 16 Okolychna Str., Apt. 42, Lviv 79026, Ukraine

  • Please attach a copy of the receipt confirming the transfer of the above amount to your application (using a standard Application) and registration form with three document-sized photographs* per each person joining MALiJ.
  • Half-orphan children pay 50% of respective fees and orphans are exempt from the fees (0%).
  • In conclusion, the full MALiJ application package should be sent by registered or certified mail to:
    NGO MALiJ 16 Okolychna Str., Apt. 42
     Lviv 79026, Ukraine

*Note: three photographs sized 3 ✕ 4 cm, taken against a white background, are to be placed in a small envelope. Please do not use paper clips because they may damage your photographs.

99 Kulparkivska Str., Lviv 79021
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web Portal of MALiJ: academy-malig.info


Please admit me as a member of Non-Governmental Organization International Academy of Literature and Journalism,
whose Charter I acknowledge and undertake to uphold.

Full Name ______________________________________________

Pen name (if applicable) __________________________________

Creative activity began in _________________________

Participation in creative competitions, contests festivals, etc. __________________

Place of study ____________________________________

Home address and phone number _________________________________ E-mail ___________

a) Autobiography (CV);
b) A reference to principal published works;
c) Three 3 ✕ 4 cm photographs taken against a white background;
d) A relevant excerpt from the minutes of a meeting of Literature and Art Unit of MALiJ or a meeting of MALiJ organization.

By this Application I also give my consent to processing of my personal data with the intent of implementation of my rights as a member of this Non-Governmental Organization and performance of statutory objectives of NGO MALiJ.

Date (DD Month YYYY) _________________                                        Signature _____________

Note: children younger than 10 years of age may join MALiJ only with consent of their parents/guardians, who should confirm their consent with their signatures in this Entrance Application.

REFERENCE of published works

  Name of material When and where published Genre

________________________                                       _________________________
Signature of MALiJ Applicant                                           Last Name and Initials

Date (DD Month YYYY) ________________


photo here,
3 ✕ 4 cm

of the trainee of International Academy of Literature and Journalism

Date of Admission ______________________________

Full Name _____________________

Place of study ___________________________________________

Residence address ______________________________________________

Phone number _______________________________________  E-mail ____________

Date of birth, place of birth ___________________________________

Nationality ______________________

Education _____________________________

Foreign languages known ______________________________________

Computer skills ____________________________________________

Creative activity _________________________________________________

Hobbies and inrerests ___________________________________________________


Special notes _________________________________________________

Membership fee payments ____________

No. of postal order/bank transfer and date performed ____________________________

Date (DD Month YYYY) ____________________________
(Date this Registration Form was filled out)

__________________           ___________________
Signature                                Name and initials

Who provided the reference _______________________________________________                                                      

Signature __________________________


of cooperation between the non-governmental organization “INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF LITERATURE AND JOURNALISM”, (hereinafter referred to as MALiJ, Party 1, represented by _________________________ of NGO MALiJ, acting under the Charter of NGO MALiJ) and _______________________ , Party 2, represented by ___________________________________________________________ . Entering into a bilateral agreement, the non-governmental organization “INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF LITERATURE AND JOURNALISM” has the following intentions:

  1. To publish the works of MALiJ trainees in its own mass media and in partner mass media __________________________ .
  2. To invite the Party 2 to participation in the events conducted according to the plan of International Academy of Literature and Journalism.
  3. To print the works of young writers and artistic works in the “CONSTELLATION FEST” journal and in individual author and multi-authored books. To publish programs and informational materials in partner media, including international media.

Party 2 _________________________________ , represented by _________________________ , has the following intentions:

  1. According to the Charter of MALiJ, to launch a ______________________ Literature and Art Unit, a Branch or a Chapter.
  2. To prepare the works of young poets and writers and artists of the brush, pencil and photography for publishing in the “CONSTELLATION FEST” Journal of Literature and Arts and on MALiJ web portal and to distribute the relevant publications.
  3. To distinguish the creative works of MALiJ trainees according to the Procedures established by the Regulations on artistic competitions, including the competitions and contests held internationally.
  4. To promote, facilitate and to take part in festivals, competitions/contests and other joint events.
  5. To invite MAliJ trainees _________________________ to participate in the events held according to the plans of the Literature and Arts unit, department, brach or chapter (under a separate Plan).
  6. To facilitate publications of works in single-author and multi-author collections, including those published internationally.
  7. To conduct creative activities according to the Charter of MALiJ.

The Agreement may be amended as necessary with any such amendments and additions to be approved bilaterally. The Agreement shall enter into force on the day of its signing by both parties thereto.

International Academy of Literature and Journalism

Signed _________________                              _____________________
                                                                             Last Name and Initials

Place stamp/seal
here (if applicable)

ON BEHALF OF Party 2 _________________________________
represented by _________________________
Signature _________________                              _____________________
                                                                                 Last Name and Initials

Place stamp/seal
here (if applicable)

____________ 20___

Note: The Agreement is concluded in duplicate. The validity term of this Agreement is not limited. This Agreement may be terminated at the request of the first or the second party thereto.