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We will see and hear in Transcarpathian Mizhhirya to the «Rekytske suzyria»!

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In the next edition of the «NOWYI DVIR» radio studio, which will be released on April 17, 2019, Acting Editor-in-Chief Sergei Bondaruk noted that on April 15 for the «NOWYI DVIR» radio studio and the International Academy of Literature and Journalism is significant because it was on this day that Exchange of bilateral cooperation agreements of the «NOWYI DVIR» radio studio and MALiJ. And this makes it possible to significantly expand the audience of the radio listeners, since the «NOWYI DVIR + MALiJ» will start the literary and artistic works of young writers and artists from all over Ukraine and many countries of the world from now on.

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In the joint edition of many versatile works, including literary and artistic and author's poems. For the sake of justice, the order of translation in alphabetical order is determined. So, the first on the air will be members from Azerbaijan, already prepared for radio broadcasting our countryman from the American city of Chicago Mariana Hrytsiv, granddaughter of Volodymyr Kovalyk, Honorary President of the International Festival «Rekytske suzyria», Honorary Academician of MALiJ, Hero of the Cossacks of Ukraine, bilingual the poet to the participants of the VI Bridge of Peace.

Rector of the International Academy of Literature and Journalism, writer, Honored Journalist of Ukraine, editor-in-chief of the Consortium Fest Literary and Artistic Magazine for children and youth spoke to the first issue of the joint radio «NOWYI DVIR + MALiZh» with radio listeners. He spoke about the main areas of work of the joint radio. It was interesting to learn that this project includes not only creative but also educational programs, in particular in the section «Missed lesson», they have the opportunity to replenish the knowledge of the children who are in treatment, the front-line band, in the word all those who under those or other compelled circumstances do not went to school.

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Particular attention will be paid to radio issues in children who have post syndrome. Here it will be appropriate to hear the conversations of experienced teachers, psychologists, doctors and social workers.

What's more interesting? Young writers have the opportunity to read our work for our little brother and sister in our studios, even to name his name, or to visit us with his mother or father.

Our radio is always open for interesting ideas and mutual communication, because, as the rector of MALiJ Vasyl Tarchynets emphasized, it is a country of young talents, and its capital is the city of Chervonograd. In the end, it is here that the writers, commentators and commentators from the MALiJ audience of the Chervonograd department, namely, Markian Lehman, Olga Buchek and Olena Fedyura, are trained. All of them will work in a joint radio center under the leadership of the head of the Chervonograd branch of MALiZh Natalia Kichun-Lemekh and the deputy rector of MALiJ from the radiocommunication, the head of the MALiJ radio projects Sergei Bondaruk.

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In our plans, we also have to prepare a special radio program devoted to the VI Bridge of Peace at the 16th International Youth Talent Festival «Rekytske suzyria», which will be performed at the «Chervona Kalуna» MALiJ radio studio during these unforgettable solemn events. For their comprehensive coverage, the founder of the Malizhan Festival, his general director Vasyl Tarchynets invited journalists of the «NOWYI DVIR» radio studio and the Buznet video channel. So, as they say, we will see and hear in Transcarpathian Mizhhirya on the «Rekytske suzyria».

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