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under one sky 2019 1

On December 24, 2018 started to work the international jury of the festival "Listen to the Voice of the World" which will soon take place in the Azerbaijani capital, with the support of the International NGO "International Academy of Literature and Journalism" of the Associate Member of the International Center for the Implementation of UNESCO Programs, the International Literary and Art Center "Mission of the World", the Azerbaijani educational center "EDUCENTER" and the public association of youth development "Resurs" of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

To the jury were submitted works in nine nominations from twelve countries of the world.

Information support is provided by:

  • Azerbaijani newspaper "TƏHSIL DÜNYASI";
  • All-Ukrainian literary and artistic journal "Suzir'ya Fest";
  • Literary and artistic portal for schoolchildren - Associate Member of the UNESCO International Center;
  • Tə

under one sky 2019 3

under one sky 2019 2

Each of us had a long way to this day of the meeting and acquaintance, namely, during the holding of the II competition "Letters of the LION" and the qualifying round of the 5th Bridge of Peace, the idea of creating a branch of the International Academy of Literature and Journalism in Azerbaijan which was supported by the Chairman of the Board of the International center of UNESCO. Thus, the start of the Azerbaijani branch of MALiZh was commissioned, which will continue to cooperate in further steps in the development of gifted youth. At this stage, our active cooperation is on finding new forms of work for the preservation of peace and prosperity in our long-suffering land. The previous experience of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Ukraine has outlined a number of project plans and prospects with the further expansion of joint international events. Within the framework of our cooperation with Ukraine, the book "Under the One Sky" of the well-known Azerbaijani writer-journalist Boyukagi Mikhailli, co-chair of the "Mission of Peace" Center. This book is published in three languages and it is about our love for you and your love for us, our desire to cooperate. We founded new friends who were able to peer into each other's soul. We have to instill in our children the ability to see the world. And the greatest discoveries are generated by our students. If we can instil love, there will be no wars in the future of mankind, people will consider the earth as their home, love and treat it with care. All this can be achieved!

At present, I am trying to join  the participation in the exciting and up-to-date projects of MALiZh students of my country. Soon, writers, journalists and artists from a number of countries will take part in the next XVІ International festival-competition "Rekit’s Constellation - 2019" with the motto: "Under one sky we live, work and create!", Which will take place on July 3-8, 2019 in the picturesque corner of Ukraine, the village of Mizhhirya in Transcarpathia.

I wish you all peace and good, creative success and significant results!

Shahriyar Maharramov -
the chief of the Department of youth and sport
and the chairman of Youth Organization UAYU
(Union of Azerbaijani Youth in Ukraine in Lviv region)


0 #2 markrk21 2020-01-19 11:00
Успіхів і тільки успіхів зичу Всім!
0 #1 seyyub1967 2020-01-18 14:20
Спасибо вам.

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