magerramow rufat asmar

For the first time on the MALIJ website, we posted a video in which junior schoolchildren in Azerbaijan study their native language,  English and othersubjects.

So the idea arose – to establish a video magazine «Bee» – a pilot title for the youngest users and visitors to the site. We will publish the best video information, perform songs, read fairy tales, show homemade products, other children's art. The only request – the submitted videos must be of high quality, made for the entire frame (horizontal shooting!). You must provide the text, the correct name, surname of the student, school and place of residence.

Foreign authors also submit texts in their native language.

We offer you to watch and listen to a video in which the boy Rufat Magerramov and his sister Asmar, on September 1, go to study at the 17th lyceum in Lviv.


Translated by Hanna Kinash, MALiJ editor-translator, member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine



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