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Asanaliev Nurgali Saginbekovych, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Founder of the Higher Educational Institution of the International University of Science and Business, International Public Figure of the Kyrgyz Republic, addressed the Rector of MALiJ Vasyl Tarchynets by phone with such a proposal today.

The identified initiative was supported by the rector of our Academy, who recommended to his foreign counterpart to get acquainted with the Statute of MALIJ, other official documents, which are available on the web resource MALiJ.

In the near future, a bilateral agreement will be prepared and signed, which will provide a legislative opportunity to establish a branch of MALIJin the Kyrgyz Republic, to involve teachers and students of this higher education institution, as well as its structural units.

We have joint plans to prepare and publish a special issue of the magazine "Country of Talents" in which we will introduce our readers to the International University of Science and Business in the Kyrgyz Republic.

It should be noted that this project was supported by Mykhailo Zhovnir, Director of the MALiJ Department, Petro Chernov, Director of the Ukrainian-British company Mouchel-IRE and Member of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian-British company Mouchel-IRE Grebenyuk Oleksandr.

kurgisia engggFor active public international activity, initiative to cooperate with the International University of Science and Business in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic and establishing a branch of the International Academy of Literature and Journalism – Permanent Member of the International Center for UNESCO Implementation, the initiators of the project, Rector of the Academy, Honored Journalist of Ukraine, writer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the International Center for the Implementation of UNESCO Programs.

Press service of the International Academy
literature and journalism

Translated by Hanna Kinash, MALiJ editor-translator, member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine



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